My review policies.

First and foremost, let me thank you for considering me to blog your item or items!
I can promise I will try to blog your items in a timely matter, but can not guarantee I will blog them.
I am very busy during certain times of the year, and with that said, please do not be afraid to send them along to me :D

What you need to do before I will blog something for you - 

1.: Send me a notecard, folder, message, or all 3 asking for me to blog the items.
I do love random drops from designers, but my inventory is quite messy and sometimes things will either get lost, or SL will eat them.

2.: Please provide me with information about the item (s).
A simple notecard with prices, SLurl location, and if the item is on sale or at an event will work just fine.

3.: Please keep in mind my personal style and tastes.
I'm sure you make amazing things, and a blogger would love to blog them for you! 
Am I the right one for this?

4.: What do I blog?
I blog just about everything from clothing, shoes, furniture, skins, hair, and even men's items from time to time.

5.: What will I NOT blog.
There have been many times I have been asked what I don't blog. What is on my ABSOLUTE never blogging this list.
  • Kid items. Although kid items are fun and super cute, I have adult themed content on my blog so I will not have kid things on my blog.
  • Copyrighted material.  If you blatantly copybot something whether it be SL or RL, I will not blog it and I will slap you on the ban list of people I refuse to blog for.
  • Overly Pornographic items. I do run a blog with adult items, I even have posts with "toys" laying around, but I will not blog anything overly pornographic or anything that has to be "used" with out clothing. Nipple rings and boobie items are the exception since I blog Mesh breasts.
  • Speaking of overly pornographic...DO NOT send me anything that is bathroom play, child porn, beastiality, or anything along those lines. These will get you on a ban list. 

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