Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Akira Cat and Dim Sum!

        So as I was flying around looking for all those hidden spots last post I happened to fly past a little white cat sitting in the snow. Lag got the better of me and shot me past faster then what I could see.

 As I fought with my computer, I flew back to where I had hoped this little kitty was. I hovered for a bit wondering where I had seen it and I then realized, The cat was in front of me, and you could never guess who it was...DIM SUM!!

For those of you who don't know who Dim Sum is, she is the cat from Where's Dim Sum?. She's always finding ways to get into some pretty awesome adventures and she has had a couple already at Fantasy Faire! 
Her pictures are Gorgeous!

I have to admit, it felt rather weird talking to a cat, the language barrier and all, but I solved it!
I pulled out Akira Kitty! The itty bitty kitty with a fierce attitude! 
I asked Dim Sum for a picture and she said of course, but she needed a few more minutes to finish up her newest adventure!

Akira (akira.voorhees): /me feels weird talking to a cat >.< I LOVE Where's Dim Sum! And, I feel the urge to pet you every time I read a blog post! >.<

Dim Sum the cat (lovelikedimsum): (( LOL )) *meows*
Dim Sum: (( Thank you! :D I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. :D ))

Akira: You're very welcome! If you're not too busy, may I ask to take a photo? If you're busy I totally understand :D

Dim Sum: I don't mind at all, but give me another 30 minutes so I don't lose my settings.

Thirty minutes later I was in the process of finding the *Purrfect* place for my photo and my Internet went down. 
I panicked!
What if i don't get back in time? What if Dim Sum thinks I was just joking? 
This could not be happening!
So I quickly whipped up an e-mail from my phone and sent it it out as fast as possible!

Akira: I actually just e-mailed you to let you know my Internet went down for a bit, just in case I wasn't able to get back on tonight. But it looks like its done being dumb >.<

Dim Sum: :D yay!
Dim Sum: I guess email is slow, I just got it now.
Dim Sum: yes, it's the right email address.
Akira: During said time I tried to explain to my husband why it was imperative I get back in second life lol
Dim Sum: LOL
Dim Sum: I'll vouch for you.  :D
Dim Sum: If he'd believe a cat.  ;)

Akira: lol, he was like, a cat...really? well, not just a cat, an epic cat!

Dim Sum: lmao

After a round of Internet killing its self and some explaining as to why this was not just  *any* cat (Damn you Internet provider! *shakes fist angrily*), I was able to get some pictures with Dim Sum!
*there will also be more pictures on Dim Sum's blog!*

 Dim Sum is one of the nicest cats I have met in Second Life, and she is such a sweetheart!
So don't feel weird the next time your talking to a cat, you never know what you might find out!
We're already talking about our grand adventures as two cats!

*Akira kitty got tired during the shoot and decided to take a nap*

*Le Mew, the dance of Itty Bitty Kitty Committees*

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