A few of my favorite things....also, what I wear in my posts a lot!

So this is a list of things I use frequently, or when I use them at all.
Since I don't always credit my ass, breasts, and other things, you will be able to find them all here!
Also, this is lists of some of my favorite/most used things!
I hope you enjoy my list!
*Side note- This will probably change often*

*MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper+Lower 
That is a Marketplace link.
I wear these in EVERY single post!

My eyes change frequently, but some of my faves are-

I get makeup from literally every place, and I use a lot of it in different areas, but some of my faves are-
Pink Fuel
The Plastik
The Sugar Garden
Mon Cheri
Pin Me Down
Pink Acid
Beautifully Grotesque
Wicked Peach

From Cain, and are 50$L in the Main store and include an alpha layer for easy wear.
 From Aeva//Heartsick and are a makeup layer.

My skins vary from post to post but I find I'm very fond of-
The Meshes - 

These are the only pair of breasts I own...minus the Lolas 2.5 Push-ups.

I only use this thing when an outfit calls for it and to have a big ol' booty!

I own every version of the Slink feet.
High, Mid, and Flat.

I own every version of the Slink Hands.
Most of the time, I am wearing the Elegant/Casual pair.

My Furry Av - 
My furry av is the Curious Chinchilla with the Maine Coon Cat body mod.

I LOVE all hair, and am kind of a hoarder...But some of my faves are-
I love me a great tattoo, regardless of where it comes from but some of my faves are-
Endless Pain
Dethly Productions

This is my own personal shape and no...you can't have it :p

Nail appliers: 
Yeah no, I LOVE them all, and I have WAY too many to list off!
All appliers I use will be in the posts.

I never should have made a list for this, because I literally LOVE jewelry, I have an entire folder of nothing but jewelry and it's HUGE.
So instead, you can read my posts and find yourself some really awesome fun add-ons!

Not going there....WAY too many...just...SO MUCH CLOTHING!

I'm a girl and the subject is shoes...really?
Look at the posts, find some sexy shoes for your feets!

Note:  If you're not on this list, it's not because I don't like you, it's because I don't use your products a lot, or I haven't found you yet!

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