A Little Bit of Poison Never Hurt Anyone. Right?


A quick note about the tail/outfit.
The materials on both are gorgeous and pick up lighting effects amazingly well. I was so impressed by this that I decided to play with a few of the ones I have and got this spectacular lighting effect making the picture take on a whole new feel.
Both designers did an amazing job with these pieces and  I love how they mesh together perfectly  <3
I highly recommend these pieces just the way they are, but being creative with lighting effects made them even more fun to play with! 

Pose/Props/Location -
Pose: ::WetCat:: 'Part Of Your World' (Slightly modded in Black Dragon)
Dying flowers: (Yummy) Dying Roses
*Gacha prize*
Skull in jar: Pitaya - Bones Collection - Prize
Lamps: Raindale - Darkmore lamp 1
Table: DISORDERLY. / Overgrown Patio / Broken Table
Chair: DISORDERLY. /  Overgrown Patio / Broken Chair / Side
Chandelier: DRD MM Chandelier 1 dark
*Gacha Prize*
Vines: [DDD] Delicate Ivy - Corner L (Bare)
Cave walls: [CC] Crystal Groundcover 1- Small Scales, Obsidian
Body -
Head: LAQ Bento –Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Tongue: [CX] Ziekling's Tongue (Black) No RLV
Teeth: Raven Bell - Shark Teeth [Set Back]
Eyes: ::Static:: Elst Eyes - Light Tails {Animesh Both}(NEW)
*Cyber Fair*
295$L with right eye animesh, left eye animesh, and a combined animesh included.
A tinting HUD is also included so the left and right eyes can be tinted independently. The light glow color on the eyes change automatically.
You can preview the wiggling/animation here!
Hair: (r)M Hair No.67'19 . Animated Enhancement
Ears/Facial scars: CURELESS[+] Kimora Fins
Tail: Cynefin - Nemissa ~ Tail with AO {LARA}(NEW)
Nemissa is 20% off for Equal10.
640$L per body pack with Legacy male, Legacy female, and Maitreya Lara available. 
Includes BoM layers for tail and colors, mesh fins, make your own tail BoM color template, tail AO, a creator's kit, and more. 
Included in the base set is 7 tail colors. 
Bonus!: By the Violent Seduction set and included is a BoM for the new Nemissa tail to make it match PERFECTLY to the outfit! 
Makeup -
Nails: L’Emporio::*Damned Claws*::BENTO-Maitreya
Scales: Cynefin - SHADES {T5} SOLID
Palette: alaskametro<3 "Space Unicorn"
Scars: TF Skara :: 
Under breast wounds: [Persephone]  nereida [bleeding]
Eyebags: {Rosier} / Menhera Eyebagss / Purple + Blush
Clothing/Accessories -
Collar: Satan's Closet - Cthulhu Choker - Maitreya(NEW)
*Mermaid Cove*
250$L pack with 6 base colors, 4 center suction cup colors and 10 suction cup colors.
Includes un-rigged size and rigged sizes for Jake, Maitreya, Kupra, Legacy female, and legacy male.
Bottle: .Evil Baby. - Belladonna Bottle - Materials (Add me)(NEW)
*Ritual Event*
199$L pack with two bottles included. Right hand pose built in
Bra/skirts: Violent Seduction - Nemissa - Maitreya (Black)(NEW)
250$L per color, per body. Maitreya(Petite included) and Legacy female(Perky included) available in 11 colors. Includes bra, skirt, and panties(which can be worn with or with out legs)
Fat-pack it for 1,300$L (50% off during event) 
Bonus!: By the Cyefin Nemissa tail and included is a BoM for the new tail to make it match PERFECTLY to the outfit!