Fabula Nova


Body -
Head: LAQ Bento –Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Star on SoftBank 2014
Hair: Raven Bell - Emerald Hair
350$L per color pack with 3 color packs available. One limited color pack for 250$L.

Includes multiple styles of wear, sizes and color change HUD for stars with a hide/show option.
Fat-pack it for 700$L 
Makeup -
Nails: BLAXIUM -Aura Nails- MTY
Star on SoftBank 2014
Tattoo: *Rainbow Sundae* Solemn Tattoos - Full - W/FR
*Midnight Order*
175$L fat-pack with 6 separate black and white options included and fresh/fade options. 
Includes Omega appliers and BoM layers.
Star on SoftBank 2014
Eyeshadow: Alaskametro<3 "Aquatica" eyeshadow - 03
Star on SoftBank 2014
Lip color: Alaskametro<3 "Bubblegum gloss" 03 
Star on SoftBank 2014
Eyebrows: Alaskametro<3 "Glitter" eyebrows - white
Accessories -
Septum: *Rainbow Sundae* Eira Septum - Silver
Star on SoftBank 2014
Moon: :[P]:- Lynuen Moonchair [WEAR-V2-Click]
*Midnight Order*
449$L wearable/rezzable seat with 2 separate animation sets (10 each) and color change HUD with 28 colors. 
Star on SoftBank 2014
Body Chain: CELESTE- Tia Body Chain - Fatpack - Lara
*Shiny Shabby*
149$L per color with 6 colors available, rigged for Maitreya mesh body. 
Fat-pack it for 299$L
 :[P]: Castanys Kel Gacha
 Mechian Femme Skin [BOM-Maitreya]:// Castanys Kel (Includes ears) RARE
 Castanys Kel  [Lara] Infinite RARE
Castanys Kel Orb RARE
Castanys Kel Tattoo Tintable]
 Castanys Kel Earrings
 Castanys Kel Eye 

The Epiphany
Epiphany Mirror Sim
75$L per play with 28 commons and 6 rares to collect. 

Rigged for sizes Maitreya. V-tech, Freya. Hourglass, Legacy, Legacy Perky, each with their own machines to play.