Potions and Puffs


Enchantment – 
Dress: Poet's Heart - Helmiina - (maitreya)
260$L per color pack with 4 color packs available. Rigged for Maitreya and Hourglass mesh bodies. 
Fat-pack it 780$L.
Halo: LuluB! - Witcher - Fatpack.
360$L pack with color change HUD with 5 metal and 6 gem colors. 
Eyes: A R T E – Enchant Eye
299$L pack with colors included. Includes options for Catwa, Omega, Mesh eyes, LeLutka, BOM. 
199$L pack with 13 different colors/options.

Midnight Order (LAST DAY) - 
Rings: CELESTE  – Crystalline Ring Set – Maitreya
187$L pack with left and right options rigged for Legacy and Maitreya mesh bodies. 

Includes color change HUD for metals and crystals. 
Eye Makeup: Broadwing – Celest – Gold(NEW)
350$L fat-pack of 4 colors on BoM layers. 
Collar:  :[P]: Karzakk Collar [F-Lara]
479$L pack with color change HUD and rigged sizes for Freya, Kupra, Maitreya, Legacy F, and unrigged version also included. 
Pack for men bodies also available. 
Crystal Heart Festival – 
Backdrop: :uzu x 700: Love or Hate gacha - RARE2 photo booth
76$L per play with 24 commons and 2 rares to collect. 
Clothing pieces rigged for both Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies. 
Wizarding Faire – 
Potion: [Cubic Cherry] {Ornate} potion WISDOM (holdL)
249$L per color with 8 colors available. Includes left and right holdable versions as well as rezzable version. Include color change HUD for metals.
[the Emporium] Pygmy Puff: ANIMESH version

  • 37 land Impact, animated animesh with multiple personalities
  • Copy | Modify | No Transfer
  • Puff controlled via collapsible HUD
  • 8 Skin Colors & 20 Fur Colors to change via HUD
  • 5 Personalities, 100+ animations for a lively animated pet experience
  • You can attach a maximum of 1 Animesh (for non-premium SL members) / 2 Animesh (for premium SL members)
  • Attaching via HUD attaches to center, adjustable and savable positions
  • Attachment points with animations: Nose, Skull, Shoulder Left, Shoulder Right, Hand Left, Hand Right, Foot Left, Foot Right, Avatar Center
  • Attached to those attachment points, Puffs will animate differently.
  • Attaching Center will unlock special Puff animations!
  • You can ‘Conjure’/Rez  as many ground roaming Puffs  as your land’s prim limits allow

[the Emporium] Pygmy Puff: Pet Cages

  • 1 land impact, static prop/decor item
  • Copy | Modify | No Transfer
  • 5 types, Each texture change via menu (6 color each)

[the Emporium] Pygmy Puff: GACHA version

  • 1 land impact, non-animated, static pets
  • No Copy | Modify | Transfer
  • 35 Fur Colors in Total to collect
  • You can attach/rez as many of these without any Secondlife limitations
  • Click on Puff to bring up menu which allows control for blinks/sounds/name

Body -
Head: LAQ Bento –Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Skin: Lumae -Genus - Una T2 - No Brow
Hair: WINGS-TZ0820-HAIR (Large)
Ears: Astara – Bento Pixie Size 2 BOM (With ear tint)
Makeup -
Blush: alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book - blush 1
Lip Color: alaskametro<3 "Crimson" lipstick 03
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 "Astral" eyeshadow - 03
Eyebrows: CAZIMI: Shara Brows in Pastel 2
Nails: Astralia– Compatible nails system (Maitreya Stiletto base)
Nail Applier: alme.   Chrome Trends – Basic
Chain Accessories: ::Static:: Lady's Chatelaine