Event Items - 
Ritual Event – 
Pose: [piXit] Sorceress Pose Pack (Modded in Black Dragon)
190$L fat-pack with 8 static bento poses and mirrored versions. 

Mirror: Quills & Curiosities – Magic Shard Mirrors
250$L fat-pack of 4 colors. 
These mirrors have moving effects and are just AMAZING and gorgeous to look at! 

Abnormality -
Halo: ::Static:: Galaxy Aura - 10 {Aurum Veil}
50$L per play with 16 commons to collect. 

The Warehouse Sale -
Held Crystal: :[P]:- Jiralyn Crystal [Sporkle] Right
279$L pack with color change HUD for both crystal and strings.

Includes left and right hold versions with several animations. 
Crystal Heart Festival – 
Arms/Legs: :[P]:- Andromyda - LARA
Arms: 549$L pack

Legs: 699$L pack
Fat-pack: 999$L

Includes rigged versions for LEGACY|LARA|FREYA|KUPRA
Every part is HUD controlled, hide and showable, glow adjusted, speed adjusted for the animated textures, and has over 700 textures to customize and mix/match.

Crystals: ::Static:: Chrystalline Armor {Amethyst} Maitreya
485$L per color with 12 colors available. Includes top and bottom pieces that can be worn separately. 

Fitted for  Maitreya /Legacy Female/Legacy Male/ Belleza Jake
Fat-pack it for 3,999$L.
There is also a free head gem as a gift that is part of the set. 


The Scene setup - 
Backdrop: *~Curious~* Celestial Skybox - Animated space
Body -
Head: LAQ Bento –Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Skin: :[P]:- Araxxis Darkness [F] Skin [Basic]
*Gacha prize, 25$L a pull until September 1st!* 
Eyes: // — PUMEC – BOM – Eyes
Hair: Raven Bell  - Emerald Hair 
Ears: Astara – Bento Pixie Size 2 BOM (With ear tint)
Makeup -
Palette: Lip Color: alaskametro<3 “Space Unicorn"
Clothing/Accessories - 
Drapes/Purple smoke:  + Astral Divinity + {aii}
*Gacha Prize*