Stellaris, Shatterer of Worlds


I shatter worlds just to get a tiny bit of the emotion, knowledge, power I need.
Wisdom is the rarest of them, taking several planets and years to obtain even half a jar.
Do I feel bad destroying worlds?
They deserve everything they get if they can't handle their own emotions, their own POWER!
The mirror shatters once the planet has been destroyed of the resource I need, becoming whole again once the planet has replenished the source I took, or a new planet aligns perfectly with the resource that I need.
Why take over one world, when you can take over the right world?

Event Items -

Eye Makeup: Broadwing – Celest – Silver(NEW)
350$L fat-pack of 4 colors on BoM layers. 
Claws: Skellybones — The Lemon Zester – Maitreya(NEW)
200$L per color with 8 colors available. Rigged for Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies. 
Fat-pack it for 399$L
Collar: .:Short Leash:. Eldritch Collar // Small Fit NO RLV Version
399$L  fat-pack of colors with RLV, non- RLV versions included. 
Includes HUD to change leather, metals, and spikes colors. 
Outfit: Skellybones -- Stellaris(Rigged for Maitreya and Legacy Female bodies)
Shoes: 200$L fat-pack set with color change HUD 
Hat: 200$L fat-pack set with color change HUD  (Unrigged)
Outfit: 300$L per color with 6 colors available. 
Potion: [Cubic Cherry] {Ornate} potion WISDOM (holdL)
249$L per color with 8 colors available. Includes left and right holdable versions as well as rezzable version. Include color change HUD for metals.
Pose: [piXit] Sorceress Pose Pack (Pose 6)
190$L fat-pack with 8 static bento poses and mirrored versions. 
Mirror: Quills & Curiosities - Magic Shard Mirror (Purple)
250$L fat-pack of 4 colors. 
These mirrors have moving effects and are just AMAZING and gorgeous to look at! 
Aura: ::Static:: Stellar Remora
345$L fat-pack with 4 pattern options. Includes color change HUD. 
Male and Female packs available. 
Forehead Gem: [ASTR] Core Prototype
299$L pack with unrigged forehead gem and color change HUD with 5 colors. 
Septum: *Rainbow Sundae* Atria Septum - FATPACK
175$L per color with 5 colors available. 
Fat-pack it for 299$L. 
The scene setup - 
Backdrop: anxiety %heart of glass [white]
Pink Mist: CELESTE - Nebula Mist - Purple
Crystals on ground: ((LovelyAlien))ShatteredCrystals - Cluster D - 3LI
Body -
Head: LAQ Bento –Scarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Skin: Lumae – Catwa –  Lofn T5 - No Brow
Eyes: // --- PUMEC - BOM - Eyes
Teeth: Raven Bell – Fang Teeth [Set Back]
Hair: [Yomi] Rada Hair - Med Head
Makeup -
Lip Color: alaskametro<3 "Mage" lipstick - 05
Poison: -[TWC]- Love Poison -Purple-
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 "Kiki" eyeshadow Fit C - 05 charcoal
Body crystal: -[TWC]- Crystal -Purple-
Eyebrows: Core&Gore : Asymmetrical eyebrows [style4] black